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Display a LED 23cm – Kit per Prezzari Carburanti

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    • Interfaccia coi protocolli Gilbarco, Tokheim ecc. - Fino a 8 Totem connessi via Radio - Controllo tramite Applicazione
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Kit of LED displays for gas prices in petrol stations. The product is designed and manufactured in Italy and it has a 2-years warranty. It can be installed by anybody by simply following the instruction manual.

The kit is composed by:

  • LED Display (digit height = 23cm )

  • 1 Control unit Master (to be installed in the office) / 1 Remote control

  • 1 Control unit Totem (to be installed in the totem )

  • 1 Power supply

  • Cables

  • Instruction manual

White/ Amber LED Displays (digit height = 23cm)

The digit height of the first three digits is 23cm. The digit height of the last digit is 17,5cm. The displays are encapsulated with a polyuretane resin that protects and insulates the printed circuit against moisture, dust and short circuits.

A light sensor measures the surrounding lighting conditions and adjusts the brightness of the LEDs automatically .

Master Control Unit

This control unit is generally installed in the office of the petrol station and it can control one or more Totems via smartphone or PC. Any device can connect to the Master by WiFi or Ethernet.

Centralina master per controllo prezzari carburanti

Fuel prices are communicated to the displays through an RS485 cable or by radio . If it is connected to the Internet, it can also be controlled remotely.

The control unit can also use the prices coming from the main protocols for gas stations (Gilbarco, WayneTokheim, Fortech, Maser ecc.)

Web Application for Smartphone and PC

(only with Master Rs485 and Master 433Mhz)

The web application allows to manually set the display prices, set the brightness range, and control the Totem status. It is compatible with any device (Iphone, Android, Windows, Mac etc). If the Master is connected to the Internet, it is also possible to use it remotely.

Remote control

Prices and settings can be set also with a remote control (433MHz, 4 Ch).

Totem Unit

This unit is installed inside the totem. It communicates with the Master via RS485 or Radio 433MHz. It can also be controlled by the remote control.

Power supply and cables

The kit comprehends a MeanWell power supply and cables to connect the displays to the Totem Unit.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Unità di controllo

Master 433 MHz, Master RS485, Telecomando 4 pulsanti 1mW, Telecomando 12 pulsanti 1mW, Telecomando 15 pulsanti 10mW


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