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Endelbyte’s mission is to serve and satisfy our clients by improving the quality of our services and by building a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality service oriented attitude.

Company’s description

Our company is made by professionals with a long experience in the hardware and software design of electronics driven by Atmel microcontrollers and Linux embedded systems. Different solutions have been developed in the years for a broad spectrum of fields: Home automation, LED lighting, LED signage, vending machines, industrial automation. Our office is based in Brescia, in the north of Italy, where we can rely on the robust and experienced supply chain of this area.

Our services

Custom Electronics Design

Our clients are assisted in each phase of the development of the product: definition of the requirements, engineering design and production

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Hardware Design

Electronic Design, PCB mastering, Data infrastructure


the machine you need, with attention to your electronic, mechanical and performance requirements

Software Design

Developing software for AVR microcontrollers, ARM microprocessors, Linux embedded systems


the algorithm you need with a smart and multi-platform user interface


Mechanical Design, Industrial Automation, Automated test


the shape and the details of the electronics by adjusting it to the highest industrial standards

Client’s Portfolio

Build the Hardware and the Software you need

Meet a team of engineers ready to solve your problems

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