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Project Description

LED Screen P10 8bit grayscale

Endelbyte has developed a 32cm x 24cm LED Graphic matrix module. This display can drive 768 LEDs. 6 LED drivers run with 1/6 scan mode and 150Hz refresh rate. These module can have an overall brightness of 150 lumen/sqm and can show images and variable messages.

Modular System

The modules can be combined both with a vertical orientation and with an horizontal orientation. In the following image it is shown how it is possible to obtain different size signs. The height of the display can be 24cm, 32cm, 48cm, etc. The height and the font of the digits can be customized based on customer demand.

Product Customization

This product offers the possibility to personalize the aspect of petrol stations through the use of different fonts and sizes. Displays can be chosen in order to better suit the customer’s brand image.

Polyurethane Resin Encapsulation

Resin encapsulation protects the display and insulates the electronic components from harsh environments, moisture, vibration, humidity and chemicals.